Guidelines for providing data

Please follow the follow guidelines in order to provide data for inclusion in the Open Data Register of Patent Ownership (ORoPO):

  1. Export granted patent and published patent application numbers, together with country codes, owned, either directly, or through sibsidiaries by your organization (CSV file)
    If there are many patent owners within your organization, it is sufficient to make the declaration at the parent or holding company level only.
    Guidelines on preparing the CSV file
  3. Provide the contact the information (Contact Information)

    Name of organisation:

    Unique identifier for organisation†:

    Contact person*:

    Contact email address*:

    Contact phone number*:

    * These details will not be visible on the public register

    † This is a national / regional corporate identifier for your organisation, e.g. a company number, or LEI. If you do not know the unique identifier for your organisation, contact for assistance. This will generally be the registered number of the company making the declaration.

  4. Complete sign and scan the ORoPO declaration form (Declaration)
    Participation on ORoPO is voluntary. Ownership information is provided in good faith, but without accepting any legal obligation or liability.
    ORoPO declaration form
  6. Send (i) CSV file, (ii) Contact Information and (iii) Declaration by email to
  8. Ownership information should be updated on ORoPO every 3 months. ORoPO will send an email reminder to the designated contact.